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Deep-dive into Chinese instead of grammar   

Videotipp: The Final Mamahuhu 
Kameras, Stimmen und KI-Rendezvous

Wer sich in Xi'an für das Lebensumfeld von Expats interessiert, stieß irgendwann zuverlässig auf die witzigen Kurzvideos von Mamahuhu. Mehrmals pro Monat verpackte das internationale Team um Regisseur Alessio Avezzano seit 2014 kulturelle Missverständnisse in fünfminütige, knackig geschnittene Sketches. Das Resultat brachte Laowais und Chinesen gleichermaßen zum Lachen - und der Video-Reihe in- und außerhalb der Xi'aner Expat-Bubble quasi Kultstatus mit hundertausenden Views.

Nach wiederholten Schaffenspausen, unvermeidlicher Teamfluktuation und zuletzt wohl auch wegen Corona ging nun das allerletzte Mamahuhu-Video on Air. Obwohl die 30 Arthouse-Minuten streckenweise langatmig daherkommen - etwas weniger Introspektion und mehr menschliche Dialoge wären nicht schlecht - bringen sie die jüngsten Veränderungen in Xi'an bzw. ganz China, das sich seit den Mamahuhu-Anfängen gewaltig veränderte, gut auf den Punkt.

Video: China, Inc. 2.13 
Some just grab the money

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How do you find, train and retain good staff? Not an easy task in China, as Frank Rasche (Element Fresh), Stefan Lange (ex Fat Mama) and Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) know from experience. 13th and last episode of the series China AG 2 with valuable tipps for dealing with employees.

Video: China, Inc. 2.12 
Otherwise it's over by tomorrow

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With suppliers, landlords or clients. What is the importance of the often cited Guanxi? Is it possible to be successful in China without them? Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign), Stefan Lange (ex Fat Mama) und Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) talk about the art of relationship maintenance, Chinese down to earth attitude and mighty, mighty landlords.

Video: China, Inc. 2.11 
'Whoever is successful, will be copied'

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Copyright and IP, two things that China only gets accustomed to slowly. Entrepreneur Stefan Lange knows how it's like to be plagiarized. What this meant for his reputation, why Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) feels relatively safe from being copied and why upcycling artist Jonas Merian actually even encourages copies of his work, will be explained in the new episode of China, Inc. 2.

Video: China, Inc. 2.10 (HD) 
Entrepreneur Qualities for China

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Which qualities are necessary as an entrepreneur to be successful in China? On the first glance, the same that make you successful in other countries as well. Do differences exist and what do they look like? We ask entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (ex-Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonas Design) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) for their opinion.

Video: China, Inc. 2.9 (HD) 
Loneliness, Lasagna and being kicked out

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The service sector in China is no walk in the park, Expectations are high, restraints low and situations easily propel out of control. How do you still stay professional? Entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) share their experiences.

Video: China, Inc. 2.8 (HD) 
What is my idea worth?

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Your own restaurant, coffee shop or other small business in China? For many expats, this is a pleasant idea. But mere inspiration is no guarantee for success - even less so in a market like China. Entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) share their best tipps on Business in China.

Video: China, Inc. 2.7 (HD) 
Pizza, spandex and big wigs

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Dreams, ideas, visions. Entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) speak about their business future in China. A market that is constantly changing. Jonas hopes that Chinese will develop a taste for his furniture too, while Frank implements a long-harbored wish. And Stefan? Stefan finetunes a new concept without plates and highlights the risk of all-too-unusual ideas.

Video: China, Inc. 2.6 (HD) 
From the juice press to the CEO suite

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What is success in China? For bistro founder Stefan Lange it is the loyalty of his girlfriend despite 16-hour-shifts. And, that his small bistro is still alive at all, because "the competition are big chain groups." Frank Rasche, owner of Element Fresh shares stories of success with staff development. And upcycling artist Jonas Merian from Switzerland bases the success of his workshop on support from a completely different side.

Video: China, Inc. 2.5 (HD) 
"It won't work without mistakes"

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People are making mistake but dislike talking about them, even less in public. Exactly this would be necessary though, because success stories aside, most can be learned from others mistakes. Frank Rasche (Element Fresh), Stefan Lange (Fat Mama) and Jonas Merian (Jonas Design) bravely respond to a delicate question.

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